Website Maintenance

Keeping your website maintained and updated is important. Firstly, it gives your visitors a reason to come back, and, more importantly, it can have a significant effect on your search engine position, which is how you will probably get most of your visitors in the first place.

If not looked after and maintained, a website can slowly drop out of the search results as your competitors make changes and become more important from Google’s point of view.

Let us take care of your web maintenance and updates

If you prefer to spend your time running your business, we’d love to take care of your website updates and maintenance for you. When you need updates, simply send us the content by email or post and we’ll take care of it.

Update your website with a Content Management System

If you’d like to manage the website content yourself, you’ll need a content management system (CMS). A CMS is designed to make it easy for you to alter the website without having to learn HTML code. It’s as simple as logging in, selecting the page to edit and then adding the new text or images. If you’ve ever listed an item on eBay, you have used a CMS.

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