SEO Website traffic dropped

If you own a website that has suddenly dropped out of the Search results it can be disastrous for your business. There are a number of reasons why a website might suddenly lose its rank, but often it’s because you have been hit by a Google spam penalty.

website hit by panda

What is a Google spam penalty?

A google spam penalty negatively affects your position in the search results and can be manually applied to your site, or can be the by-product of a search algorithm update.

Google can penalise your website if they believe you are trying to cheat the system or are involved in ‘black hat’ SEO techniques to obtain a higher position.

Here are a few examples that will get you penalised:

What can you do if your website is penalised?

Following Google’s guidelines when writing new content or building web pages is a start, but if you have already been penalised you will need to look at repairing the damage. This can involve anything from removing or fixing pages or content that go against Google’s guidelines, to removing and disavowing any unnatural or spammy links that point to your site, which is a challenge if you can’t get a response from the offending website owner.

This is all very time consuming work but is necessary if you want to see your website rank where it did originally. Once you have done all of this, Google will (hopefully) lift the penalty on their next algorithm update.

Let us help you

We have over 15 years experience in Search engine optimisation and can work with you to help get any penalties lifted as soon as possible. This is not something that can be done overnight, and like SEO it takes time to see the changes, but if you need help with a penalty or poor ranking, get in touch with us about our SEO and Google penalty removal services.